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The letter is written in a most finely scripted penmanship. It is laced with scents of lavender and sealed with the draconic, embossed emblem of House Whiteblade. The scroll is bound with a red, laced ribbon.

Wars, all of them. Ever since I was old enough to begin to heal and help people in them; I began to be a self-proclaim hero. I watched as the orcs, trolls; Sin’dorei, and forsaken all stormed forward together as the men and women on my side moved right back on their chargers, their tigers; their elks, their mechanical chickens, everything and anything. 

We used it all, but there was this Sin’dorei, this young one, who was left alone. He was on the field, all the way across of me; and somehow, I made my way into the middle of it all. Being able to fight and heal right by the sides of my superiors and inferiors. He and I went face to face, his flawless tan and light-blonde hair shimmered under the sun.

The one time I took note to a filthy Sin’dorei, the time where I saw his name etched onto his plate; D’lanastion. Forte D’lanastion. Eye to eye, our green eyes staring into one another. We both could have been traitors right there, right then and there.

He, could have easily tried to pierce through my entire body with the large sword he wielded in his dominant right hand, the ability to cut me into two before I could even mimick a prayer for a shield to warp around my body. Yet, him and I stood face to face.

As we did, blood spattered on both of us. Fighting the other men and women who came at us, but we purposely missed each other. It was as if in one moment we could have been apart of the same faction, and my heart sank. To know that I was not doing what I was here to do; to kill. 

My body ached, it hurt, trying to do two things at once although it was worth it. I would rather die for my people with honor, instead of die doing nothing at all. He still stood there, a young fellow. A fellow with this charming twitch to his lips that made his mouth pull back into this nasty, hungry, evil blood-thirsty grin. 

And there we were, one last time. Face to face. No one coming our way, the Lords giving us time to study each other. Everything went silent around me, the screaming, the cries; the orders, the retreating. It all grew silent until.. 

We both walked away from each other. Back paddling quickly to our sides, both of us making our way back to the men and women we served for. I will never forget that moment.

Not because of his look, but because it was a moment I never thought I would have with a Sin’dorei. 

Even if it was not for his looks.. I can still never forget the way his sun-kissed skin was marked beneath the light. 

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I watched the sun slowly begin to set, the clouds slowly parting into greys as the entire land full of the Alliance began to fall into shades, with one or two colors; variated from black and a glowing red / orange taint from the torches lining the area. 

I began to draw the area around me, the trees, the balcony I sat on. I began to think, to realize that something big was going to happen, and I will have to remember that whatever happens, I have to stand right by it. I had to remember that soon I would be taken under Lady Whiteblade’s wing, to be taught discipline and many more things.

Soon I will be living a life full of suspense, unheard of relations; and even a life full of adventure that very well might consume me. A life where respect is not something I have to earn from others, but them from me. A life where it is dangerous, evolving around some people who will be out there to harm the ones that I will be loving in the future.

A life where I need to begin to purge myself into, to begin to learn the laws and ethics to please Laeima and those around her. To prove to her that I can take on any task she needs me to take on.. To prove that I am loyal, and I will be. But I have not seen Laeima for ages, ever since her sister left, I left with her sister. Phaelia told me to go home, she took me to the field with her, but the last thing from her that I got was a letter telling me to take care of the home she lived in. 

My best friend, my own sister. Phaelia Whiteblade, the Knight who was a Steel Wall. She told me to make sure that I kept Laeima safe for her if she did not return.. She did not, but there was no waking for her. There was the letter and me being escorted back home. 

There was an adventure she upheld for me, telling me to finish for her. Telling me to do it right, to not be stupid. To be the young lady she knew I could always be, and for you, Phaelia; I shall be. 

I will learn how to be everything you wanted to see me grow into, so that one day, when we next me, I can give you the surprise of a life time, with your sister beside me. For you two, the Whiteblade sisters to reunite.. The Whiteblade family to reunite, the ones who I have yet to meet.